Custom Luxury Lenses

Be Unique | See Unique | You Deserve Both

be Unique with Luxury Eyewear | See Unique with Custom Lenses

Custom Options Defined

During your virtual fit our experienced opticians will walk you through the custom options you have chosen and insure the lenses with give you just the look you were wanting to create.

3D Scan with 1000 of Data Points

Custom lenses require a great deal of precise measurements. Our 3D scan technology allows us to take your 3D facial replica and match it virtually with a 3D replica of your unique Frame to create a virtual in person fit

Our Focus is in the Details

Our 3D technology and experienced Optical staff then uses all these details and precision measurements to create the perfect setup for great visual comfort and acuity for you so that you can not only look your best but also see your best


Custom Lens Choices

Make Your Eyewear Shout Unique