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Important Information

About Your Annual Eye Exam

In order to provide our patients with the highest level of care, All of our exams require an annual $30 co-pay (not paid for by insurance) for Fundus Photography and Topography.

Most insurances require a $39 co-pay for one scan but we provide both scans for a discounted rate of $30.

Read more about this technology below.

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Essential Care
Fundus Photography and Topography

Fundus photography involves photographing the back of the eye known as the retina. These photos not only let us scan for systemic diseases but also allow us to educate our patients on the overall health of their body.

Every week at Reimbold Eye Group, our patients are thankful that we have detected a previously unknown health condition. This is one of the reasons we feel strongly that all patients need this testing annually.

Recently, there have been new developments in the treatment of keratoconus. With early detection, patients' vision can be saved. For this reason, we perform a Corneal Topography scan on all of our patients as part of the Reimbold Eye Group standard of care.

Precision Acuity
Digital Phoropter and AutoRefractor

The combination of these two technologies allows Reimbold Eye Group to help you achieve high definition vision with ease and confidence. With our use of a digital phoropter we are able to define prescriptions to the finest detail making your final prescription predictable and removing the stress of the classic "1 or 2" questions.

Worth a Thousand Words
Anterior Segment Photography

This technology allows us to capture images of your cornea, eyelids and lens to document certain conditions. This allows us to educate you and to watch for significant changes in your eye health.

For High Definition Lenses

An optikam is a digital measurement system used to obtain precision measurements of your high definition lenses. It uses an Apple iPad's built-in accelerometer to capture 7 different measurements. These measurements allow Reimbold Eye Group to provide custom eyewear with less adaptation time and less distortion.

Specialty Testing
Ocular Analyzer

This instrument allows us to measure color vision and depth perception and most importantly detect lazy eye. This allows us to diagnose and treat double vision or excessive eye strain with the addition of prism in their lenses. Some of our patients have experienced life-changing improvements.

Automated and Integrated
Electronic Records and Technology Integrations

Reimbold Eye Group feels strongly about the use of technology to decrease medical errors. We achieve this by assuring all of our technology is automated and integrated seamlessly with our EHR system and custom lab.

24/7 Scheduling

At Reimbold Eye Group we believe in modernizing medicine by communicating with our patients by text, scheduling real time appointments online 24/7 and automated reminders to create an easy, inviting platform.

Be Unique with Custom Lenses
Onsite Finishing Lab/Engraving

We have two state of the art precision edgers to perform onsite lab work. This allows us better control of delivery times and a higher level of quality control. Creativity in lens design is also our focus! At Reimbold Eye Group we strive to make every patient look unique and bring out their personal style to make a fashion statement! We are able to design lenses with custom faceting with diamond cut. Options are endless!! We also have an onsite laser for lens engraving, which allows us to add your favorite logo, initials, or other custom designs that your heart desires!

Create a Statement
Onsite Tinting Lab

Tinting can create fashion and personality and has become a standard in high-end fashion and with celebrities, like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. With the advanced knowledge of how the sun and UV light can affect our eyes, sunglasses are more important than ever. At Reimbold Eye Group we have an in house tinting lab that offers a large variety of colors for your specific needs, including shooting, running, fishing and golfing, just to name a few!

Advanced Technology
OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography)

Non Invasive imaging test used by Reimbold Eye Group to diagnose many eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, narrow angles, and diabetic retinal edema to name a few.

Gold Standard
Humphrey Visual Field

70% of the mass of the brain has to do with the visual system. The visual system starts in the front and extends all the way to the back part of the brain. Due to the expanse of the visual system, side vision testing can allow us to not only detect brain tumors and strokes, but also localize them. People that suffer from migraine headaches can benefit from having a visual field test.

Glaucoma also effects the side vision. Visual field testing is performed 2-3 times a year to assure all Reimbold Eye Group patients that have glaucoma are under control and will continue to have the best vision possible.