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Reimbold Eye Group is now offering a digital way to order prescription glasses online with the same quality as our in-person experience.

Use our live video chat to select your designer eyewear virtually with the help of our experienced opticians.

Our app has the highest technology in 3D scanning to deliver precise measurements right from your iPhone or iPad.

Your designer eyewear and customized precision lenses are shipped directly to you.

Download the APP and get started

How it Works

Download And Scan

Download our Topology app from the Apple App Store and select Reimbold Eye Group from the drop down list. Follow the steps to perform your 3D scan. Once your scan is complete we will get in contact with you to set up your virtual appointment. Our experienced opticians will then pre-select frames they feel may be a good start prior to your appointment.

Download the App
Book Apointment

We will contact you to book your appointment Tuesday - Saturday. If you are uncomfortable doing the 3-D scan yourself click the link below to email us for an appointment or text/ call (770) 776-9000 to book your appointment today with one of our experienced opticians and we will walk you through the complete process.

Book Now - Select Online Virtual Styling
Consult and Purchase

Meet your expert optician in real time to virtually try on glasses during your scheduled appointment. If you are having difficulty getting a good scan, we will walk you through the process. We will help you customize and complete your order for the perfect pair of spectacles.

Lets Get Started

What Does a Good Topology Scan Look Like?

A 3D Model of Ears with No Distortion.

A full head rotation of 90° is necessary to collect all of the data points to create a distortion free scan.

Hair Away from Ears

This allows Topology to take a clear image of the ear.

Rotate Your Head Slowly, Level, and Evenly

This prevents distortion and give the app time to collect all of the critical data points.

You Will Need

iPhone X (or Newer) or an iPad Pro

The devices listed above provide the required 3D depth sensor. This technology ensures measurements are as precise as with an in-store purchase.

Computer with Zoom

We utilize for Zoom for all of our virtual appointments. Before your appointment you will be sent a link to your Zoom meeting. You can always call us at 770-776-9000 with any questions.


Please have a copy of your prescription and ensure that it is less than 2 years old.


Our Promise

We believe strongly that our technology and processes will provide you with a wonderful experience and accurate measurements for the best vision and fashion you will find

We also offer a 1 year frame warranty.

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Have Trouble Finding the Right Fit? Get Topology Eyewear

Topology Eyewear: simple 3D scan of your face can get you custom manufactured eyewear that fits like a glove!

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