Dr. Susan Reimbold has been practicing optometry in the Atlanta area since 1997. In 2014, she decided to start her own private practice because it seemed to her that it was always medical care or fashion eyewear, not both under one roof. She was determined to create a office that not only provided exceptional medical care but also luxury eyewear. With the help of her family, she built this practice (literally) into what it is today!

Here at Reimbold Eye Group, we provide quality medical care, with a special emphasis on the diagnosis and management of ocular disease, as well as dry eye, pediatrics, and primary care. We place great focus on educating our patients and giving them all the information they need to understand their eye care, for we understand that with education comes knowledge and thus peace of mind.

Along with our excellent medical care, we also provide a luxury optical experience to help our patients find the unique eyewear fashion that speaks to them. From custom frames to tinted lenses to specialty contacts, our opticians are trained in the latest fashions and technologies and will undoubtedly help our patients make the right choice for them.

At Reimbold Eye Group, we pride ourselves on treating patients like family and making them feel warm, welcome, and educated. We aim to be transparent in our work to build trust with our patients, and we are always willing to accept changes and adapt for the betterment of our service.