Custom Lens Choices

SEE UNIQUE | Lenses Add Fashion Too!

Don't Let Your Frames Have All The Fun

There are so many fashion elements that can be expressed through custom fashion tinting, groove colors, engravings, Faceting and diamond cuts. Let us go through all the amazing possibilities and so you just how unique we can make you feel!

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precision crafting

With luxury eyewear its not all about the frames. The lenses need to provide you crisp comfortable vision along with your unique fashion flare

Material Choices Depend on Prescription and the Type of Frame

We offer the finest materials from the finest labs.

Trivex: Nearly unbreakable and the lightest alternative that we offer.

High Index lenses: If your prescription is higher or you have picked a certain type of frame for instance a grooved or rimless frame you may need to use this material.

CR-39 with extra thick center: Finally sometimes when we pick a non-Prescription rimless fashion tint and we need to be able to add Facets and Diamond cuts we need this material.

Focal Type

This can sometimes be a very difficult thing for some patients to decide. What makes it hard sometimes is patients sometimes have more than one problem. Let me walk you through some common problems and there solutions.

Vision Problems are solved by Lens Solutions

35 and under

Most patients only need single vision glasses which allows them to see distance near and everything in between.

36-42 years old

We commonly recommend a relax lens this allows you to see in all distances with out distortion but it adds visual comfort while looking at the computer and reading.

42-55 years old and mild nearsighted

May need distance only lenses or a relax lens and take your glasses off for reading or the patient may select progressives so that they do not need to remove their glasses all the time

42-110 years old and farsighted | Astigmatism | high nearsightedness

Some options for this would be progressives for distance and near and laptop computer


Progressives and a separate pair of computer eyewear if you work hours on a desktop computer with a monitor that you have to look up at.


Distance glasses and intermediate glasses or reading glasses

the essentials

All our custom luxury lenses require Anti-Reflective coating and most patients select Blue Block.

See the world with clarity and protect your eyes

Anti-reflective and blue block coatings help bring visual comfort and make your new eyewear look refined.

Custom Tinting

Give an element of style to your lenses by adding a fashion tint that can be worn all day every day or go darker for more protection from the sun. Some may need to choose a therapeutic tint. We have it all!

There are so many options so many color combinations

Our opticians can help you create you eyewear artwork. Fashion tinting has become a hot topic in luxury eyewear and it sets you apart

Single Fashion Tint

Give an element of style to your lenses by adding a fashion tint that can be worn all day every day

Mixed Fashion Tint

Add more dimension to your look by mixing color to show your unique style

Darker Sun Tint

Increase the tint saturation for a matching pair of suns

Groove Colors

Whether you are purchasing a rilmless frame or a grove frame you will have the option of picking a groove color to enhance the unique look of your Luxury Eyewear.

30 Colors to Choose From

This process requires a precise groove made around the entire lens with varying depth and width to give diffrent effects, and then special pigment is placed in the groove to give a most exquisite effect.

personalized? Why not?

This is your chance to showcase the logo of your company your sign your favorite team your loved ones initials anything that makes you unique

Engraving Gives Ownership

Feel proud of what you believe and keep it close to your heart by displaying it on your glasses.

Faceting | Diamond Cuts | embedded Jewel's

Faceting and diamond cuts are a form of art that is done by hand Or have your lenses adorned with jewels by one of our craftsmen

Facet Shapes
Diamond Cuts
Pre-made readers

What to have something more stylish then readers from the drugstore?

Have fun with your readers!

Make your readers a fun fashion accessory by selecting from our bold choices. Decide from bold colors, out of the box shapes or add some bling. Choose from our expanded non prescription powers: +0.50, +0.75, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, +3.00, +3.25, +3.50, +3.75, +4.00, +4.50, +5.00, +5.50, +6.00