Ready for contacts?


If you’re about to get your first contact lenses or have just started wearing them, you’re going to love them.

Of course, like any new experience, wearing contact lenses can take a little time to get used to. But soon enough, wearing and caring for your contact lenses will seem as simple and routine as brushing your teeth every day.

Soft lenses Insertion and Removal Training



Contact Lens Do's

1. Follow the doctor's instructions and call the office if you have questions

2. Thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry hands before handling the lens

3. Clean your lenses after wear and before storage

4. Use fresh solution in the storage case each night. Be sure lenses are completely covered with solution when storing

5. Rinse the storage case wells out with warm tap water then with saline after each use and let air dry with the covers off

6. Re-clean lenses that have dropped on the floor or your clothes

7. Always close drains when working near a sink.

8. Avoid contact with sprays, aerosols, and dusty environments.

Use caution when adjusting to temperature extremes such as oven, fireplace, freezer, or sub-zero weather.

9. Keep a storage case and a small bottle of saline with you at all times for emergency use.

10. Apply all cosmetics after inserting your contacts, including lotions, foundation, and mascara.

Contact Lens Don'ts

1. Don't wear the lenses if they have suddenly or consistently become uncomfortable

2. Don't exceed the prescribed wearing schedule

3. Don't wet lenses by putting them in your mouth

4. Don't use tap water on soft lenses; only use saline or disinfecting solutions for rinsing

5. Don't rub the lenses with a towel, tissue, or shirt. This may scratch the lens or deposite fibers onto the lens

6. Don't swim or shower while wearing your lenses

7. Don't wear the contacts if you have a cold or flu

8. Don't store your lenses in hot environments, i.e. glove compartments, window sills. They may warp or melt.

9. Don't sleep in your lenses

Dailies vs Monthlies

Our practice dispenses 90% daily contact lenses. Wearing daily lenses vs extended wear monthlies lowers your risk for complications such as corneal ulcers shown here.

Dailies allow more oxygen breathability to the cornea and lowers your risk for bacterial infections.

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